Teamwork in Healthcare Training and Workshops

Teamwork in Healthcare Training and Workshops must combine excellent medical care and human connection as an essential focus area to improve outcomes for both patients and health providers.

We Believe

We believe the combination occurs with a regular focus on patient-centered care through interactive training and purposeful conversations within your workforce, and the community that you serve.

Patient-Centered Care Remains a Core Competency

With the move to online and telehealthcare, patient-centered care often becomes more difficult, yet, remains a core competency. Definitions and priorities may shift over time and include a more broad approach to include social needs. However, every person still needs, desires, and responds best to human connections and communication between people.

teamwork in healthcare
Communicate with patients

Communicate with patients for better outcomes

Patients who do not make a personal connection with their doctor, nurse, or caregiver risk compromising their health outcomes. Miscommunication can represent a more significant threat to patient health than technical competency. The relationship between a healthcare provider and their patient may provide the best sociotechnical solution.

Because interpersonal conflict becomes a genuine threat to quality care, teamwork in healthcare must incorporate a patient-centered approach. The Caring Project training improves collaboration in healthcare by providing tools that will help each person to know each other better and to make a connection with their patients quickly.  The benefits will

  • Reduce misunderstanding
  • Enhance communication
  • Foster collaboration

So, your culture will become more patient-centered naturally. Employee attitudes will support engaging and supportive workplaces. Therefore, team members will experience less stress and burnout, while organizations reduce dissatisfaction and turnover.

The Caring Project’s training will increase your teamwork in healthcare.

Dealing with Difficult Patients

Some patients present more challenges than others. Other patients may be challenging to handle, regardless of their medical needs. A failure to communicate is often a root cause because of the lack of listening and understanding. Our tools provide immediate insight into patient needs by listening and observing patient interactions.

Dealing with difficult patients

Benefits for Healthcare Managers

Leading and managing a healthcare organization is challenging. As with any organization, the resources never meet the need. A patient-centered culture can decrease patient utilization lowering demands on your employees. The Caring Project training provides useful insight into all staff best works, communicates, and collaborates improving your teamwork in healthcare. Because our trainers begin by exploring each person’s intrinsic motivations that inform caring modes, management gains a tangible measurement through our short proprietary assessment of each team member.

Teamwork in healthcare